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BAM Family

Friday, May 13, 2011

BAM Diapers: Special Preview!

Welcome to a first look at BAM cloth diapers! I have sewn diapers for my boys but starting this month, I will be sewing diapers to sell to other cloth diapering families. These diapers do a wonderful job of keeping in the messes and they don't leak.

I love this style of diaper! I used them on both my boys for over two years. I purchased the pattern from (sadly, this WAHM is going out of business).

Here is a sneak peek into the details of a BAM diaper:
A waterproof PUL outer layer in bright, beautiful colors. 
 Check out these beauties: Sunshine Yellow, Apple Red, Aqua Blue, Grass Green
 Inside: Two layers of soft cotton. 
Soaker layer of organic bamboo/cotton. Bamboo is perfect for cloth diapers. It is super soft, doesn't retain odors like 100% cotton can, and is extremely absorbent.
 BAM diapers have a tri-folded soaker for 6 super absorbent layers for even the heaviest wetters. The soaker is sewn on one end. This means no un-stuffing a soggy (or worse!) diaper and eliminates the labor of stuffing a soaker in a diaper before you put it on your baby. 
This a true All-in-One! 
Plus, the unique tri-fold soaker flows free in the wash to get extra clean. 
An extra plus? This diaper dries in one drier cycle!! 
(Left: 10-20 lbs; Right: 20-30 lbs)
 Simple hook and loop closure "grows" with your baby. No messing with snaps in the middle of the night. 
Hook and loop doubles over for a snug fit on even the slenderest babies, but it also fits chubbier tummies and thighs as well!
 Modeling the BAM diaper
 What a happy boy! 
Want to pre-order your BAM diapers? Choose from one of the four the colors above, 
10-20 lbs OR 20-30 lbs. 
Cost: $16 each

Thanks for checking out this special preview of BAM cloth diapers!
Please email me if you have any questions or to place your order:

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