BAM Family

BAM Family

Monday, August 2, 2010

Highs and Lows

Sorry, blog readers. I was kinda a slacker about camp. We are back at home now and my high of the day was going in to wake up the boys this morning after not seeing them for a week. My heart just melted when they said "Hi Mommy!" about fifty-seven times.

As a way to recap our week in MA, here are some highs and lows of our time at Passport.

HIGH: Serving for 4 days in Lynn MA picking up trash, cleaning churches, painting park benches, playing with local kids, and visiting the elderly

LOW (for Aaron and me): Chasing 7 middle schoolers all over Boston and not getting to do anything that we had planned to do on our afternoon off

HIGH: Eating incredibly yummy food (heavenly clam chowder, swordfish, gelato) at Quincy Market in Boston

LOW: Middle schoolers who are late, forget their Bibles for church and Bible study, lose their wallets every time they get in and out of the van, and find farting and making duck noises the funniest things in existence

HIGH: Seeing a shy student blossom into a talkative and fun-loving girl by the end of the week

LOW: Worrying ourselves sick after searching all over the campus for a student who was missing 45 minutes after curfew

HIGH: Having the student come back tearful and repentant right before we got campus security and the entire Passport staff out to look for our lost sheep

LOW: Being really, really tired

HIGH: Whale watching on Saturday (The whales came RIGHT up to the boat! Amazing!)

LOW: Our LONG drive back to Lynchburg--12+ hours

HIGH: Our long trip totally worth it after witnessing the growth, maturity, and decisions made by the students while at camp. Praise the Lord!!


Olivia Arlene said...

I guess if there were no "lows" you would have no "highs" to be thankful for! I bet it was such a great feeling to be home with your little men :-)

Bev Whipkey said...

So grateful for your dedication to our youth, Brittany and Aaron!!! Thank you for tending to our lost sheep week in and week out. May God truly bless your family for your time away from YOUR children, in order to tend to HIS children! God bless...Bev Whipkey

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