BAM Family

BAM Family

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Teething Woes

I officially HATE teething.

Benjamin has been a bear this week. He now has 5 teeth but each one has come in with fever, crying, temper tantrums and over all distress for mommy and baby. SIGH. He had a fever for 3 days last week and was very sensitive to any little disruption to his life. 

Finally, that darn tooth popped through. It was a rough week with the teething, colds for Aaron and me, and my eye problems. PLUS, Goldie's  incision from her spaying (right before we got her) got infected and we had to take her to the vet. And we had a friend come and stay with us for three days in there too. It was great to see Anna (we hadn't seen her for a year as she was teaching in Thailand) and she helped me out with some of the driving I couldn't do. But I'm afraid she saw the worst side of Benji during the time she was here...

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