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BAM Family

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I once was blind but now I see

I have had a very hard past week with my eyes. Almost two weeks ago, on Tuesday night my left eye started to get irritated. I thought it was pink eye again--for the third time since January! I was so mad. The other two times it cleared up so I kept wearing my contacts. It seemed to get better but by Friday morning, it was even worse than before. I went to the eye doctor that morning and he told me that I have an inflamed cornea and white blood cell deposits on my cornea. So, I had to stop wearing my contacts immediately and got a tiny $35 bottle of steroid drops to put in my eye 4 times a day.  We made another appointment for Monday. My glasses were not up to prescription so I knew I was in for a very long weekend and a really awful headache. I ordered new lenses for my glasses since I have had the same prescription since high school (!).

Fast forward to Monday. Now my right eye is infected and even worse than the left one! AHH! The drops had helped the left eye though so now the doctor told me to put drops in both eyes and to come back on Friday. I was so frustrated! Because I couldn't see, I couldn't drive so Aaron has had to drive me everywhere--doctors appointments, vet, grocery shopping, airport to pick up our friend on Wednesday etc. Plus the headache was awful. In the middle of all this I got a cold and completely lost my voice. 

But, my new glasses came in on Thursday so I can now see!! YEA! By Friday, both my eyes had cleared up but I can't wear my contacts for a month. That's right, a MONTH! Apparently if you get white blood cells flooding your cornea it is a bad thing. All of this "pink eye" happened because at the end of the month, my contacts were getting old and clogged and my eye was getting irritated with not enough oxygen. So, to prevent permanent damage, I am regulated to wearing my glasses until May 11th. So far, so good but it is really strange to wear glasses again full time. I am still getting used to them. 

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