BAM Family

BAM Family

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Meng Menu

Sunday: Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes (trying a "steam and mash bag" from Kroger), green beans
Monday: Breakfast casserole, fruit salad
Tuesday: Calzones, salad
Wednesday: Pot roast, baked potatoes, corn
Thursday: Cheeseburger Soup, rolls
Friday: Chicken, rice, green beans
Saturday: Grilled Cheese, jello salad, chips

I have been very unmotivated about menu blogging lately. Maybe it is because I am in the vicious grasp of morning (all-day) sickness and pretty much nothing sounds good to eat. Around 2pm today though, my appetite decided to show up! WOO HOO! Maybe it will only stick around for a few hours but maybe my preggo-sickness is leaving (?). I hope! I will be 12 weeks on Thursday. 

Any tips for keeping the nausea at bay? Any magical foods that I can eat that will both sound and taste delicious? 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Meng 5's true! We have a little Meng on the way. 
We expect to meet our little one in mid-September!

All photos taken by Sabrena Carter Deal of

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My husband hates Valentine's Day

Since we got married almost 6 years ago, my husband has not been shy in the fact that he thinks Valentine's Day is stupid. His argument? "I show you I love you everyday, dear, so why do I need to buy you some flowers (which will die) or other meaningless junk to tell you that I love you?" In his mind, the case is closed. Valentine's Day = overrated, stupid, meaningless.

And he has a point. He DOES show me he loves me every day. He kisses me goodbye every day even though I am usually still asleep; he calls or texts every morning just to see how my day is going; he is very affectionate and he tells me "I love you" 50 times a day.

Heck, he watches Project Runway with me without complaining. Now that's love.

So I get his point about Valentine's Day being overrated. After all, who really wants a pink plush Teddy bear  holding a sign that says "I (heart) you!" Gag. And flowers do die, I sadly must admit.

But I don't think Valentine's Day is should be ignored, even for people who do show each other authentic love every day.

Because the fact is, we get busy. Life happens. Kids "happen." We don't take the time to write romantic love notes or go on dates (I realized that Aaron and I only went out on a "date" THREE times last year...yes, year. Now that's sad).

As I perused my facebook newsfeed this morning, I saw grand gestures of romance in action: breakfast in bed, a favorite book or DVD given to one's beloved, and of course, scores of pictures of red roses.

Even for couples who are deeply in love and don't "need" Valentine's Day to "prove" their love for each other, a cultural day devoted to grand romantic gestures can be a nice reminder that "oh! We've lovers! Not just co-parents, or people-who-live-in-the-same-house-and-wish-we-had-more-time-to-spend-together."

Maybe we need Valentine's day to help us stop and do something special for our loved one.

So even though my husband hates Valentine's Day, he knows that I, well, like Valentine's Day. That's why I found this when I opened my laptop this morning.
I expected nothing and hoped for everything--and a $50 Amazon card? That's everything because even though he thinks Valentine's Day is stupid, he loves me and acknowledges and even celebrates the things I think are important. And isn't that what true love is all about?

So, go ahead. Celebrate your Love. It is Valentine's Day, after all.

P.S. Since my husband hates V-day, I have to be sneaky about doing anything for him, lest I get the eye roll that says, "Really? Really." So, I had it all planned out: I was going to stop by Kroger before I took him lunch and pick up some Krispy Kremes, a treat he LOVES. There would be NO eye rolling when he laid eyes on those doughnuts. BUT, he went to the store last night and bought himself Krispy Kremes! GRRR! Really? Really. Thwarted again in my Valentine's scheming!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Garland

Valentine's Day is a week from today! I decided to do a little V-day decorating: A Heart Garland!
 I used this simple picture tutorial I found on Pintrest
 All you need is paper (I used cardstock) scissors, and a stapler
 Sweet little hearts!
Looks like my draping skills need a little work but I think it adds a pretty addition to our dining room. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Meng Menu

Sunday: Calzones, salad
Monday: Chili dogs, baked fries, apples
Tuesday: Chicken fajitas, refried beans
Wednesday: Roast beef, baked potatoes, green beans
Thursday: Pork chops, sautéed kale, rolls
Friday: Parmesan baked chicken, pasta dish, broccoli
Saturday: Bacon and eggs, fruit salad 

I work on Mondays and Wednesdays and don't get home until around 6pm. Aaron has been working until 6pm too so I have been needing to plan dinners that can be prepared quickly after I get home, or meals that cook while I am at work. On Wednesday, I am planning on slow-roasting a beef  roast in the oven and cook the potatoes in the crock pot (just wrap in foil and place in crockpot on low for 4-6 hours, depending on the size of the potato). Should be a super yummy meal! 

How do you plan for dinner on busy nights without resorting to a frozen meal or take-out? Please post your ideas or recipes here or on Facebook! 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

"A Daughter Times Three": A fairy tale

It's here! My 2nd short story has been published in Gallery of Worlds, a quarterly e-zine. Click here to read!

"A Daughter Times Three" is a fairy tale--complete with talking animals, a long-lost prophecy, and a magical birthday.

Here's a sneak peek:

Annaka cried harder. She would never be happy again. Mama didn’t remember—how could she? Tomorrow everything would change. She was eleven and three hundred and sixty-four days. Tomorrow she would be Twelve.

Tomorrow she would lose the gift of speaking to the animals.

While my intended audience for this story is children (after all, children still believe in all the magic that the fairy tale offers) but the deeper themes of friendship, loss, and the courage it takes to grow up should appeal to readers of all ages. 

If you read it--to yourself or to your child--please let me know what you think! After all, authors make their "livings" on the feedback from their readers. 

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