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BAM Family

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Crafts for boys: Medieval Trebuchet!

I have loved "making things" since I was a little girl, especially paper crafts. My boys, however, often do not share the same love. In fact, it is hard to find crafts that they will 1. Like to make, and/or 2. Actually play with after mommy forces helps them make it.

Well, the other day I stumbled across this AWESOME site that has free paper toys to print and make at home! I decided to make this Medieval Trebuchet  while the boys napped. 
This toy has ultimate "boy appeal." 
1. It's a weapon
2. It shoots things
3. It is cool to shoot things

Plus, I really enjoyed making it!! WIN WIN!

Here's how it works:

Get some ammo: 
We tried macaroni, beads, the ends of q-tips and balls of tissue paper. We had fun testing how far each type of ammo would go.
Load up the basket with your choice of ammo!
Pull back....
 ....and LET GO! (See the bead???)
 There it goes!!!
Make two Trebuchets and you can have a battle!

Both boys (especially Micah) really enjoyed this toy and played with it for about 45 minutes 
(Definitely a homemade-toy record!)
Go ahead! Make one yourself for or with your boys or girls. It was easy and fun!
And check out the website for other really fun craft ideas!! I can't wait to try out some more....

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