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BAM Family

Friday, April 15, 2011

How to Sew a Twofer dress: Take 3

My previous two posts on "How to sew a Twofer Dress" have generated the most google hits in my blog history. WOW! Who would have thought? I have been wanting to make some new twofer dresses for a while a-a-a-a-n-d.....

Here is my latest creation! I absolutely love it! I randomly stumbled across this awesome tutorial  by Maybe Matilda a few weeks ago and have been so excited to make a new dress for myself. PLUS, I got a new sewing machine for my birthday/graduation/anniversary present (according my to my husband!). It is a Janome 1000 Heavy Duty machine. 
And this twofer dress was its maiden project. It went off without a hitch! I didn't have to pull out my seam ripper once! :o (Amazing, truly!). 
 Maybe Matilda's tutorial is so easy to follow but I will give you the general breakdown of what I did. The skirt is just a rectangle that has in-seam pockets (I actually sewed them a little too low...oh well). I followed the genius advice of Maybe Matilda and only gathered the fabric in the front and back--not on the sides, thus reducing fullness in the hips. A BIG plus in my book as I am, um, curvy, shall we say. 
The only thing I changed about this dress was the waist tie. I LOVE the bow that the original has but my material was too bulky to tie in a nice bow. (in Aaron's words: "I hate the bow" And I had to agree). So I looped the long sash around my waist twice and tied it in a nice neat knot in the front. Perfect!!
I love the high waisted look! It is so slimming and hides my belly left over from pregnancy (or that's what I keep telling really just just my excuse because I don't exercise like I should!)

I adore the final result and the best part is...this little number only took me about 2 hours to complete--including hand sewing the hem. 

Go ahead! Make a twofer dress for yourself. 

And stay tuned for more twofer creations from your truly in the near future. :) 

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