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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Double Trouble--the Meng Twins strike again!

So, I was having a nice Easter conversation with my sister during the boys' naptime today when I heard my husband bellow:

I sweetly informed my sister that my husband seemed to be needing some assistance and skipped lightly to the boys room.

Their room where they were supposed to be napping.

Napping so that their father and I could pull ourselves together so we could do three-year-old-twin-parenting for the second half of the day.

I got to the door of their room and my jaw dropped.

It was white. As in white as snow.

Except it was baby powder. Covering EVERYTHING. The walls, the beds, floor, toys, books, sheets, pillows, blankets, EVERYTHING. Pure white. Everywhere.

Except where there was poop.


On the walls, on the floor, on the sheets, pillows, stuffed animals, little pieces of stuffing that they pulled out of pillows.

Yep, everywhere.

My children were white. Covered. Encrusted in powder.

And poop covered.

My husband was angry.

No, that is too mild a word. Perhaps "ballistic" might suit better.

All I could do was laugh. (I have discovered that this is my go-to response when I feel completely out of control. Funny, huh?) How do you start to clean up a mess of such epic (and I mean epic!) proportions?

I wish we had gotten a picture of the mess. It was pretty amazing. How do two such young children wreak such havoc in such a short time? Amazing.

Sadly, Aaron and I were in such state to take a picture.

Here is some of the aftermath though. This is AFTER we vacuumed with our regular vacuum AND the shop vac, AND scrubbed the, shall we say, "messes" off the floor.
 After their long, rather cold bath. 
Look at their guilty faces
 Cleaning up

24 oz of pure mess. Yep, it was empty. 

The ironic thing is that I don't even USE baby powder anymore! I should have just thrown it away a long time ago (or given it away!) 

It took us 45 minutes to clean everything up. 

WHAT possesses my children? WHAT??? Can someone enlighten me into the minds of the three-year-old twin boys??

(I haven even written blog posts about the Vassaline/Vick Baby Rub incident of last Saturday. The kicker? Micah planted the "evidence" (the bottles of Vassaline that he smeared all over his body, head, blankets, pillow, books and brother) in Benji's sleeping arms. That's love, I tell you. True brotherly love. 

Oh! And I could also write about how Benji stuck is metal car in the microwave and started it. Can you say fireworks and freaked out mommy??? Good thing I was near by and stopped it immediately!) 

Stay tuned...I'm sure the Meng twins will strike again soon....


Cheryl Smith said...

Words escape me but I can only say, I wish I had seen the pictures. And, you are not alone. Reminds me of that website LOL!

Brittany said...

Cheryl, I had some really gross pics that I didn't post. They were just too nasty. Next time, i promise to take a picture? Oh wait...did I say next time? God help me!

Brittany @ The Rollins World said...

Oh. My. Goodness. How do kids manage to find the things that are the hardest to clean? And I'm seriously cracking up over Micah framing Benji. Aaron wrote on the walls when I was a baby and tried to blame me for it. He even wrote my name to prove it was me. :)

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