BAM Family

BAM Family

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Out of the minds of babes

As we were walking through a parking lot today, Benji spotted an orange traffic cone, exclaimed "CARROT!" and tried to take a bite of it!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kids T-Shirt Refashion

Isn't it sad when your kids' favorite clothes start getting too small? The boys are at that stage right now and one of their favorite shirts is getting too short and tight. Plus, since the shirt is white, it was getting pretty dingy. Rather than retire their "Pirate Kid" shirts, however, I decided to refashion--well, really, upgrade--them.

The t-shirts before. The new ones were from a pack of 5 undershirts from Walmart
I cut out a background from scraps from one of Aaron's t-shirts I used for a previous refashion
A pattern for the background make from a large envelope (recycled junkmail...)
Background and picture cut out
I zig-zaged the picture to the background
Then zig-zaged the background to the t-shirt. Ta-da! "New" shirts!
Micah said, "I like it!"

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sandbox Saturday

I felt like I got to spend some real quality time with the boys this morning. Check out what we did--Sandbox fun!
Sandbox = free (hand-me-down from a family at our church)
Sand toys = $2 at Target (gotta love a great deal!)
Two HUNDRED pounds of sand--yes, 200 pounds. As in 4 fifty pound bags. That's a lot of sand.

The boys had a blast! And so did I. :)

Micah Man
Benji Boy
Want some sand, Mommy?
What is better than two boys in a sandbox?
I told him to smile....I guess the camera wasn't fast enough
I also told B to smile...I get dazed an confused...this is SO a "Meng" look....

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The TINY two-fer dress

Here is my version of a TINY two-fer dress. I made it out of a 0-3 month onesie and a t-shirt. I absolutely LOVE how this turned out. It is so sweet and so tiny! My favorite part is the bloomers--ruffle butt! AWWW! I hope Chelsea and my new little niece love them!
Before: Cute little orange and white striped onesie
Before: T-shirt that ended up in our luggage when we came home from camp (weird, but free material for me!!!)
AFTER! Sweet little two-fer dress with bloomers!
The bloomers have elastic to hold them up and....
RUFFLES!! AHH! So, so cute! 

The "Little" Two-fer dress

My sister Chelsea is expecting her first baby in October--a GIRL! The first one in the family (there are 5 grandsons right now). I wanted to make her some clothes so here are my attempts at "refashioning" for a baby. I love how this outfit turned out!
The top "before"--one of the boys' onesies (I used the bottom to make a pair of underwear for the boys)
The bottom "before"--a skirt that wasn't quite my style
AFTER! Isn't it cute? It will probably fit 9-12 months
I "feminized" the sleeves a bit by shortening them and adding a  cuff made out of the skirt material

Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Spit it OUT!"

This is kind of a sad post...but funny too.

Benji threw-up last night. I have no idea why because he was fine this morning other than sleeping a little longer than normal. We have Wednesday night suppers at church and I think something just didn't agree with his little tummy. :(

Benji HATES to be messy. Hates hates hates! If his hands get messy at dinner he has to have the cleaned before he can continue eating. So, getting sick last night in his bed was probably his worst nightmare because he was very messy all over his head, chest, and blankie. There was much wailing.

We were all up from 11:30 to 1:00am last night. YAWN! Thankfully Benji seemed to get all the sickness out of his system and by the time we laid him down again he was chattering away about what happened.

Here is his two-year old version about throwing up: "It was hot. It was messy. Spit it OUT!"

Sounds about right, Benj! I am glad you are feeling better today, sweet boy!

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