BAM Family

BAM Family

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Whew what a week!

Last week was...shall we say...NOT GOOD!

Here was the break down:

Monday: I had long been awaiting (4 months to be exact) of a acceptance letter of a short story I sent to a magazine. Well, it came. I was shaking with excitement until I opening it. Yep, it was ANOTHER impersonal rejection letter. I was so upset.

Then I went to school and picked up my graded Shakespeare paper (that I felt pretty good about when I turned it it). I got a 72. Sad, sad day. I was so depressed. This is actually only the 2nd C I have ever gotten in my entire college career (undergrad and grad).

I had to give myself a pep-talk: Pull it together girl! It is NOT the end of the world.

Tuesday: Better than Monday as far as severe disappointments go but Aaron I had to deal with an icky problem: FLEAS. Goldie was infested. We moved all the furniture out of the living room (sans 1000 lbs piano) and treated the carpet with flea powder. Then we bathed the living-daylights out of the poor dog with flea shampoo. We felt happy about our accomplishment...but it took a lot of time away from other umm...the thesis chapter I had due in less than a week that I had yet to start on?? PS. this story is not over...this did not get rid of the fleas...:P

Wednesday: I am stressed about my thesis chapter due on Monday. It is raining. Hard. Blech. And to top it all off, I hear a very loud CLUNK outside my right hand car window as I drive to work. Commence racing heart. I have hit a parked car with my side mirror. I drive around the block and realize I have badly broken the parked cars' mirror. It is still raining. Hard. I can't leave a note. I am panicked. And I do NOT want to tell my dear husband what just happened. I decide to tell him in an email when I get to work. He is mad. I start bawling and cry for 20 minutes. To make a long story short though, everything worked out. I went back home (therefore wasting more time that could have been spent on my thesis) and leave a VERY apologetic note in a plastic bag on the windshield. The girl called me and was very nice and we got it all worked out for us to pay for the broken mirror. Thank you God.

That night I emailed my thesis chair and told her I was overwhelmed and that I hadn't even revised my chapter three of my thesis yet. She emailed me back some encouragement and told me to get on the revision right away.

Thursday: Better than all previous days in the week. Got chapter three revised and sent back to Dr. Ayers but no new work done on chapter four....

Friday: Spent the day either at school or preparing for the Cloth Diaper Yard Sale on Saturday

Saturday: This was probably the highlight of my week. I made $268 dollars at the Cloth Diaper Yard Sale and I didn't even sell all my diapers!!! WOW! Plus I started writing on chapter four

Sunday: More writing...but the chapter is due on the end of the day I only have 7 (ish?) pages....

The End. Good riddance bad week!

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Anonymous said...

Brittany, I am so sorry you had such a bad week. I will pray that everything gets better. Keep writing. I know you can do it. Love, MOM, (Rhonda)

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