BAM Family

BAM Family

Monday, October 11, 2010

My boys are THREE!

Happy (well, 2 days late now) Birthday Micah and Benjamin!!!

We had a wonderful day on Saturday celebrating the boys' third birthday. Where did the time go??

I remember when I was pregnant I was watching TV--some appliance commercial where the woman says she wants her fridge to stand up to "three year olds" (you know the one?)--and I suddenly had a revelation: I am going to have TWO three year olds. And the fear of God suddenly struck me.

I occasionally still have these revelations (and am stricken with fear) that yes, I do in fact have twins. And yes, I do NOW have two three year olds. And YES, it is great! (Most days, of course. It seems like the fits are getting more frequent and loud lately....but oh well. It comes with the territory of being three)

Anyways, I have been a mommy for three years. It has been a wild adventure. But every time I feel their smooth skin beneath my hands, kiss their sticky cheeks, ruffle up their frowsy curls, and hear them say, "I wuv you too, mommy" I am once again amazed that these are my children, my babies from my own body, a miraculous product of Aaron's and my love. Yes, amazing.

I have two three year olds. :D :D

Enjoy the pics from their party! We had a blast!

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