BAM Family

BAM Family

Saturday, March 13, 2010


(Sorry I haven't blogged in so long. It is Spring Break this week. Enough said)

Here are some adorable things the boys say these days:

Benji: "Reckle! Reckle!" (he wants to wrestle)
"Oh goo-less!" (oh goodness!) Apparently, I say this a lot...
"Oh Tallah!" (Thomas the Train. He actually doesn't say this anymore but it was so cute and funny when he did!)
"TB" (TV)
"Bap" (Bath)

"Snugs" (Snuggle + hug) We say this often in our house now
"Tiss!" (Kiss!)

Why is it when you want to write down the cute things they say, you can never think of them? Hopefully I can add to this list later...

Here are a few more I thought of that are funny, but a little naughty...

We watch a movie that has a crab it in and the boys get really excited and say, "Crap! Crap!"

We also have a Veggie Tales DVD about Esther. Benji calls it "Baster" get the picture.

1 comment:

Olivia Arlene said...

Too cute and funny! At least they don't mean "crap" and "baster" in a naughty way :-)

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