BAM Family

BAM Family

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tree Hugger

We got our Christmas tree yesterday. The boys were pretty excited about it and sort of in awe. Micah, especially, had some strong feelings about the tree. When we got the tree wrapped in netting before we left, Micah started crying, saying "hurt! hurt!" We tried to explain that the tree was not hurt inside the netting.

However, the tree's "pain" was not done for the night. Micah wailed the whole time that that Aaron was sawing off the bottom of the trunk and trimming the branches. He said, "Daddy, stop! Hurt! Hurt!" Poor little guy! He was so serious! Apparently, we have a "tree-hugger" on our hands.

He has much less anxiety about the tree now that it is up and decorated. Now the fun is pushing the button that turns the lights on and off. :)

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