BAM Family

BAM Family

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Micah and Benji

I cannot believe my babies are TWO! TWO???? SERIOUSLY?? I cannot believe it...wait. I just said that. But it is true. They turned TWO on October 9th. We had a great day! I hosted a "friends" party for them in the back yard. It was really a glorified play group but we had a LOT of kiddos there: 12 toddlers and 3 babies, plus all the moms! WOW!

Happy Birthday Breakfast

It was an absolutely beautiful fall day. The kids ran around, played on our slide, "mowed" the leaf pile, and played in our baby pool that was filled with plastic balls. Plus there were snacks and mini birthday cupcakes! YUM! Micah at four cupcakes himself (they were MINI, don't worry!) The boys got lots of presents too which we opened later, after the party. The thought of opening up new, exciting toys with over 10 two year olds was simply overwhelming to me, so we didn't. I hope none of my friends are too offended. I truly was sorry. 

My BIG two year olds (enjoying their cupcakes!)
Micah MAN!

My little Benji
Party bags for our friends

Borrowing some "reading" glasses from Mr. Potato Head

Birthday Snuggles with Daddy (Benji)

Micah: I love Daddy

We had sloppy joes for dinner that night, which is Aaron's favorite (and requested) birthday meal. The boys LOVE sloppy joes too! It must be a Meng-man thing. :) 

We opened presents after dinner and the boys had lots of fun playing with new cars, trucks, Mr. Potato Heads, books, etc from all their friends. I had been buying them toys all week (and the week before that!) and was too impatient to make them wait until their birthday to open them, so there were no presents from Mommy and Daddy for the boys to open on their birthday, but I don't think they were missed. We now have TONS of new toys! AK! I feel like I need to "purge" some of their old toys to make room for the new....

That night, we put the boys to bed at 8pm, a little later than their normal 7:30 bedtime. Micah had taken a super long nap that afternoon (12:30-5pm!!!) and was still awake at 9:30. He was crying a bit so we went in to check on him. He said HI!!!! We got him up and he played, just as sweet as could be, until 11:30pm!! He was so happy and good though, we just let him stay up. Hey, it was his birthday after all! Around 10:30 (a little irritated, I must admit) I said, "Micah! Why are you still awake??" He looked at me, held up one his four wheeled birthday presents and said, "Cars!" Of course, Mommy! I am awake because of cars! We laughed. We should have known. 

I love my babies so much! Yes, they are still my babies, even though they are two. Seriously, how can it have been two years already. At the risk of sounding cliche, time flies way too fast, especially when you are having fun. Happy Birthday Precious Micah! Happy Birthday Sweet Benjamin! You are SO loved! 

PS. When we ask the boys, "How old are you?" They say, TWO!!! So cute!! I love it!


Brittany said...

They're TWO! That means mine is almost two. Yikes! Sounds like they had a blast! Love the pictures :)

Anonymous said...

I check your blog frequently too Brit! And I love to hear about what is going on in your life and with Ben and Micah :) Love all the pictures and I promise I won't look at those other sites for the purses - wink wink :D
Chelsea <><

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