BAM Family

BAM Family

Monday, August 31, 2009

What happened to "3"?

Counting to three is a common occurrence in our house. Sometimes we count to warn the boys that they need to obey NOW, and sometime we count before we play "tickle the belly!" or "throw the baby in the air!" Before we get to "three" the boys are usually squealing "YEA!" in anticipation.

So now, the boys have learned to count. When we say one, Micah especially, will pipe up, "two?" It is super cute. Unfortunately, when you are laughing at the cuteness, it is hard to keep up the counting in a discipline situation. :)

We are trying to get the boys to say "three." Here is how our conversation went:

Mom and Dad: One!
Micah and Benji: Two!
Mom and Dad: What comes after two?
Micah and Benji: YEA!! 

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