BAM Family

BAM Family

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Super easy summer dress!!

I was looking online yesterday for easy sewing projects and I came across this idea. This dress is from the Thread Bangers (freakin' awesome name and even funkier website!!). Here is the video I got the idea from- Dress Video 

After watching the video, I thought, "I can do that!" So, I went to Joann's after Aaron got home from work, bought some material and elastic thread and got to work as soon as we put the boys down to bed. I worked on it for about 2 1/2 hours last night and about 2 hours (all together) today. I love it! I wore it all morning and then decided it was too long and shortened it after I put the boys down for their nap. 

Here is the finished result. It is so nice for hot summer days. And I think it is still pretty modest, considering the halter neck. (I did vary from the dress video on the halter design) So, if you are looking for a smokin' hot, easy summer dress to make, here it is! It was SOO easy! No kidding! Please excuse my lame attempts at taking pictures of myself! But enjoy the pictures! :) And check out Thread Bangers! :) 

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