BAM Family

BAM Family

Sunday, May 24, 2009


We finally did it! Aaron and I went to see Wicked this weekend. We have been wanting to see the musical since we were dating. We promised each other that we would go see it in NYC for our first anniversary. Well, number 1 came around and I was 5 months preggo with twins. Then last year we were moving into our house our anniversary weekend. So, when I saw that Wicked was coming to Norfolk VA (about 4 hours from our house, at the coast) I jumped at the chance to get tickets. So, we did!

We left yesterday (Saturday) afternoon and drove 4 hours to Norfolk. We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel right on the bay. It was really nice. After we checked in we walked to Outback Steakhouse. We both had steak, potatoes, and ceacer salad. I also had some scallops. YUM! Then we walked to the theater, about a mile a way. The weather was perfect. 

The play started at 8pm. We were in the second to last row in the balcony. We needed some tissues for our nosebleeds. Just kidding, they weren't that bad. The set was really cool, the lighting was amazing, and the voices were phenomenal. The girl who played Elphaba (the Wicked Witch) was mesmerizing. I was on the edge of my seat for all her solos. Wow. It was wonderful!!!

They had lots of "Wicked" paraphernalia to buy so Aaron let me buy a shirt (even though it was $35!!! EEK!) It is really cute: pink, short sleeves, that says "Popular" on the front in really whimsical lettering. For those of you who have seen the musical, it is the title of one of the songs that Glinda sings. It was too cute to pass up. 

The play got over at 11pm and we walked back to the hotel and then walked along the waterfront for a while. So romantic!

The next morning, we got breakfast at Micky D's and drove home. The boys and dog were very glad to see us. My best friend Candace stayed over with them and said they were very good. The didn't cry at all. Heh. They saved up all their crying for me when they got up from their nap and while Aaron was at youth group tonight. Oh well. Such is being a mother. It was nice to just think about being a wife for one night though. It was unforgettable! Happy 3rd Anniversary Aaron! 

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