BAM Family

BAM Family

Sunday, January 25, 2009

That darn tooth!

Benjamin had a terrible day yesterday. Aaron brought him to our bed for me to nurse. He nursed for FOREVER! I am down to two nursings a day and usually they only nurse for about 5 minutes or so. But Benji probably nursed for 15 minutes. And he felt really warm. We took his temperature at it was 102.8! Poor  boy! Aaron loves to snuggle with the boys when they don't feel well so Benji had lots of  Daddy snuggles yesterday. His nose and eyes were poring all day long. I was planning on going to our weekly play group at 10:30 that morning but that idea was kicked to the curb because I was sure that Benji was coming down with some terrible sickness. He didn't even sleep very well during naps and would wake up wailing. We didn't give him any tylenol or ibuprofen because I wanted to let the fever "fight" whatever germs were "attacking" his body. Aaron was wonderful enough to stay home with both boys while I went out to lunch with Candace. We had planned the lunch date earlier in the week and had a great time at Applebee's. YUM!

By that evening the fever reduced and Benji seemed to be feeling a little better. On a whim, I felt inside his mouth and lo and behold, his second tooth had popped through his gum. Poor baby! I let him suffer all day with the fever and pain and it was all because of a tooth! Teething is hard work--for baby and for mom and dad. I hope Micah's come in without incident. He has yet to cut is first tooth. 

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