BAM Family

BAM Family

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Good Weekend

Aaron and I have this weird radar between the two of us--food/restaurant cravings! One of us will say (usually too late) "I feel like Texas Road House/Chinese/Subway etc" and the other one will say "Me too! Why didn't you say something?"

Well, after sleeping in on Saturday morning (the boys were gracious and didn't make a peep until 9am! Amazing!) I got up and ate a bowl of cereal. I then got the boys up and nursed them. They started to play and I told Aaron, "Today would be a good day to go to IHOP. Too bad I just ate breakfast." And of course he said, "I was just thinking about going to IHOP! Do you want to go?" So we hurried and got the boys ready and I threw my hair into a pony tail and off we went. We had a WONDERFUL time! The boys sat in the high chairs and flirted with the waitresses as they came in and out of the kitchen. And they put away some FOOD! They ate a stack of 3 pancakes and scrambled eggs between the two of them, plus cherrios while we were waiting for the food. Micah couldn't get bites in fast enough. He is a very fierce eater! That boy is serious about his food! I got the Country omlette- yum! And Aaron had eggs, bacon, pancakes, etc. Are you hungry yet? We were there for an hour and the boys did great. 

The boys took a good nap when we got home and Aaron and I enjoyed a fire in our fireplace all day long. Mmmmmm. It was 3 degrees when we went to IHOP. Brrrrr!!!!!

Sunday morning I officially taught my first lesson as the Senior High Sunday School teacher. It went really well. I hope to build even better relationships with the kids as the weeks go by. 

After church we had a couple and their baby over for lunch. Jay, Tracey and Adalie are the only other couple in our church that our our age and have a child the boys' age. Micah, Benji and Adalie are good friends. She gets so excited whenever they come into the nursery and they all play together really well. For lunch today, I made Italian potato, sausage and kale soup and homemade key lime pie (key limes compliments of Aaron's dad who brought them up from Florida!) Everything turned out deliciously! We had a great visit with them even though Adalie didn't get to play with her "boyfriends" during lunch--they always conk out after church. 


Matt and Megan said...

Do you remember when my dad took you and me to IHOP? Afterwords he said something to me about how we talked nonstop before the food came and once the food came we ate just as much as we talked. Seems like forever ago.
I'm glad you had such a good weekend!

Brittany said...

Yes! That was so fun. I was actually thinking about that time when we went on Saturday. Miss you!

Matt and Megan said...

Really??? Miss you too!

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