BAM Family

BAM Family

Monday, November 5, 2012

DIY Baby K'tan

I made a baby wrap/carrier! 
Ok. I know. I am super-crunchy. You can say it. 
But really, for all practical reasons, I needed a solution to carry my baby and have both hands free for my twins when we walk to and from school each day. it is. My DIY Baby K'Tan. 
 There are so many baby wraps/carriers out there. I was drawn to this model because it doesn't use a million yards of fabric and it is not complicated to put on (no endless wrapping/tying etc.). 
Silas: 6 days old

I followed this tutorial to make this wrap. It was so simple. Seriously. 
Cut. Sew in a straight line. Done. 
Then I went to the official Baby K'Tan website for instructions for use. They have great video tutorials.
So far, it works great! Silas fell asleep in it today. And it does its job of giving me the hand-free option I need for going to and from school every day. 
Plus, I can kiss his head whenever I want. 

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