BAM Family

BAM Family

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Meng Menu

Sunday: Grilled chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, corn
Monday: Bierocks, salad
Tuesday: Sloppy joes, green bean casserole
Wednesday: Stouffer's Lasagna, salad
Thursday: Chicken Fajitas
Friday: Broiled chicken breasts, rice, broccoli
Saturday: Leftovers or out to eat

My menu blog post have been sporadic lately--probably because my menu planning has been sporadic as I am still in the throes of pregnancy sickness. Today when I planned my dinners for the week, everything sounded appetizing. I am hoping that the day I make the food, it still sounds good. 

I have been doing pretty well budget wise--staying under or at $125--but I went $10 over this week. Pre-pregnancy, I didn't buy a lot of snacks. Now, I have to load up because eating every 1.5 to 2 hours is the only way for me to feel about 80% normal. So this week I bought yogurt, cheese sticks, goldfish, dried apricots, pudding, individual cups of peaches, granola bars, and rainbow sherbet (my craving last night) and probably a few other things I forgot. Wow! Writing it all down seems like a lot--but I'm sure everything will be gone by next week, especially since the boys are more than willing to help me eat the snacks. 

My first appointment is on Wednesday--maybe I'll ask the doctor for an anti-nausea prescription. This sickness has got to end....

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