BAM Family

BAM Family

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Milk jugs + balls = FUN!

Today is freezing and rainy--what to do? 
How about a fun game of catch with milk jugs? This turned out to be the perfect indoor game!
After a few snips to the bottom of two milk jugs (washed thoroughly of the lingering sour milk smell), I put duct tape around the edge to provide a little bit of stability. Add one soft ball and we were ready for some wild fun! 
Micah: a good model of the milk jug catcher but so not photogenic 
Of course, the OBJECT is to catch the ball in the milk jug. But it is more fun to wildly throw the ball up in the air and then block your brother from catching it!
 Yeah! I BLOCK YOU!!!!!
 (I love how hard Benji is laughing here!)
 Benji: I am READY!
 I caught it!!!!

We played with the basketball for about 45 minutes and then moved on to a small bouncy ball which fit through the open spout. 
Catch it! Catch it! 

We also tried pennies and marbles. The boys are now currently using their milk jug catchers as large scoops to carry their cars. 

The scoops were also used as telescopes, megaphones, and robot hats. 

This is a multi-purpose toy! 

Who knew a couple of milk jugs would be so much fun? 

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tsbjf said...

Nice! I like the addition of the duct-taped edge too. I'll have to remember this for my kids someday!

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