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BAM Family

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kitten the Guinea Pig

We got a guinea pig! 
We had been talking about getting one since earlier this summer after we pig-sat for my friend Debbie's guinea pig, Keat. The boys had such a good time playing with Keat (and Aaron and I did too!). 

After Polly died we knew that we wanted to get a new pet eventually and talked about getting a guinea pig for the boys' birthday. Well, the big day is a week from today and while we were out running errands today (sans kids, OH, how nice!) we stopped into PetSmart to price everything. 
Pretty soon we were saying, "Well? Should we get one today? Why not!"
So here is our guinea pig!
We set up his super-cool cage (made even more super cool by the fact that it was on sale) while the boys napped and then eagerly waited for them to wake up. 
Benji woke up first and went right toward the cage. "It's a 'piggy-pig!'" He said, excitedly. 
And Micah said the same thing when he got up. You would think they were twins or something. 
 I asked Benji what we should name the "piggy-pig" and he promptly said: 
 So, "Kitten" it is. 
 This is Kitten, our sweet little guinea pig.
 Hello, Kitten!
 He is so soft. 
 He is a little shy and a little freaked out by our crazy-almost-four-year-olds. But he loves to snuggle in the boys' laps on top of a blanket (because "he has sharp claws!" as the boys say).

But we hope that our sweet "piggy-pig" Kitten will be a great addition to the Meng Household. 


Karen Swallow Prior said...

Very sweet! I had guinea pigs when I was around the same age. They got to be pushed around in my doll's carriage.

Brittany said...

Aww. Sounds like a game I would have played if I had a guinea pig when I was 4 years old. My boys like to play "chase-the-pig-around-the living room." Poor Kitten. He ran under the easy chair and wouldn't come out. Hopefully Kitten will realize they are playing and he won't be so scared soon.

Brittany @ The Rollins World said...

How cute! I love when animals have the name of a different animal. A friend of mine had a dog named Catfish and I always thought it was so cute. I hope Kitten gets used to the noise of toddlers soon! (I know they're almost four but in my mind our kids are still not big kids- they're toddlers according to clothing sizes so they're toddlers in my book!). :)

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