BAM Family

BAM Family

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mengaling Thanksgiving

Some of my favorite moments from Thanksgiving 2010 so far....

Cooking my very first turkey! (it turned out pretty well...a bit dry in the breast but still tasty)

Micah seeing me put the turkey in the roasting pan and saying "Turkey?! I'm excited!" as he flapped his hands frantically in the air

The smell of turkey roasting, bacon sizzling, and cinnamon rolls steaming all at the same time.

Attempting to play Candy Land with the boys for the first time. Epic Fail. But they had fun anyways.

Painting and stamping paper with homemade "stamps" aka carved potatoes and carrots.

Benji looking in the oven at the turkey and shrieking, "It's Christmas!" (????)

Micah watching the TV with Aaron and when a commercial came on with Santa Clause he said, "Who's that? That Jesus?"

The boys helping themselves to cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes (with their hands) while Aaron carved the turkey and I set the table.

Giving Benji a big hug after lunch and saying "I'm thankful for YOU!"
He replied, "You're my friend, Mommy."

I am now thankful for the nap that the boys are taking.

I am looking forward to leftovers and key lime pie (don't judge. It is my favorite dessert and sounded a whole lot better than pumpkin)

Such wonder memories! I hope you are treasuring your own today!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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