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BAM Family

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tiss and Snugs?

I wrote earlier this year about the cute way the boys say certain words, especially "kiss" (tiss!) and "snuggle/hug" (snugs!)

The other night the boys were NOT wanting to go to sleep. The kept crying and crying in their room. After numerous trips in there to talk to them and snuggle with them, we finally decided to get them up again. It was about 9pm and Aaron and I were watching Two and a Half Men on TV. The show is pretty funny but a bit off color in parts (probably why it is so funny!) and definitely not a kids show.

One of the characters was getting, shall we say, amorous with a lady friend in bed. Usually the boys are oblivious to non-kid shows on TV but lately, we have noticed how much they are noticing. Well, Micah, apparently was very in tune to the TV that night. He watched the couple on TV and said, "Tiss? Tiss? Tiss?" (There were lots of kisses on TV) Then he turned around and kissed me.

(I was thinking, "Our kids should probably not be watching this.")

Then, as the couple got more "friendly" (it was nothing super inappropriate, it was NBC, not MTV) Micah said, "Tiss! AND SNUGS?" Aaron and I just about died laughing, me with a red face and pricked conscience. Sweet little Micah just saw the couple being loving with lots of "tiss-es" and "snugs." This incident just showed us how much the boys are picking up these days. Parenting is a hilarious and humbling job!

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Olivia Arlene said...

That is sooo funny! I agree the show is funny, but so NOT kid appropriate! I'm gonna be laughing about that one for a while ;-)

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