BAM Family

BAM Family

Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's gonna getcha!

Micah as a severe phobia of bugs. Yes, bugs. Especially stink bugs that have somehow survived this horrible Virginia winter by taking up residence in my house. (FYI, stink bugs are like a small beetle). Whenever Micah sees a bug he will point and say "bug! bug! bug!" over and over again until someone does something about it. Usually Aaron will sweep it off the ceiling or wall and kill it. Micah gets very anxious while Aaron is doing this. He usually cries a lot, fearful of whether Daddy is going to be eaten by the bug.

Tonight at dinner, Micah got something on his finger (not sure what. It looked like dusty cheese. He probably found it underneath the skirt of the table or in his booster seat. Note to self: give booster a good wipe down...) He held up his dirty finger and said "bug?" Aaron, feeling mischievous, as Daddies sometimes are prone to get, said in a concerned voice, "Is it a bug?? Oh no! It's gonna getcha!"

Micah's eyes got huge. His mouth got huge. His face turned red and he burst into tears, wailing at the top of his lungs.

I, of course, chastised my husband (while choking back my laughter) and told Aaron to comfort Micah. He did. And then he asked Micah again if the bug was going to get him. More wailing ensued. And more laughter from mom and dad. We are so mean.

Here's the real kicker of the story though. We finally got Micah calmed down and then Benji decided to chime in. Not with wailing but with being a typical two-year-old: repeating his parents.

Benji: It's gonna getcha! It's gonna getcha! It's gonna getcha!

So the sibling taunting has begun.


clabear_16 said...

LOLOL!!! That is hilarious Brit! To funny that Benji had to get in on it too. Poor Micah :)

Olivia Arlene said...

Aw poor little guy lol!

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