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BAM Family

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bed Skirt

On Thursday I was feeling crafty and decided to make a bed skirt for Aaron and my bed. We have never had one in the 3 years we have been married and I have wanted one for a while. I've looked at some online and in the stores but they are expensive! So, after perusing some craft sites and sewers blogs, I decided to make one myself.

I bought some white sheets from Burlington Coat Factory (Queen set for $15!!!) I measured the depth, length, and width of the bed. The depth was 17'' so I cut an 18'' strip on the long ends of the sheet. Then I cut 18'' on each of the short sides and sewed them together so they would be long enough for the short end of the bed. Since I used the edge of the sheet for the bottom of the bedskirt, there was no hemming involved! YEA! I pinned the strips on the bed and marked where I wanted box pleats. Then I sewed the pleats (one in the middle of each strip and one at each corner) and sewed all the strips together. Then I took the mattress off the bed and safety pinned it too the box spring. Yes, safety pinned it! I saw that on one of the websites I looked at before I made it. Yeah, it was a little lazy but now one can tell since all the ends are tucked under once the mattress is back on. And it looks great! I feel like we are finally getting a "grown-up" bedroom. Still needs a little work, decorations, new dresser etc....but the bed skirt is a start! Enjoy the photos!

NOTE: the only down side to pinning the skirt on instead of sewing a huge square of material to each piece of the skirt is that the skirt is not really machine washable since I didn't finished the edged. I guess if I wanted to wash it, I could zig-zag all the edge before I threw it in the watch, then iron and pin back on. 


Brittany said...

Fantastic! I love your resourcefulness :) My kind of girl!

Have you seen The Nester's blog ( It's one of the blogs I stalk every day :) I think you'd like it- she's all about doing window "mistreatments" and finding shortcuts for decorating your home and making it a "nest".

Arin said...

Your bedskirt looks great! I love those fast, easy projects that make such a difference! Good job!

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