BAM Family

BAM Family

Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten

So, my little guys (excuse me!) BIG GUYS started Kindergarten today!
Here they are: Benji (L) and Micah (R)

We have been so excited for school at our house. I don't know who has been more excited, me or the boys! 

I have been itching to get back to a routine and (dare I day it?) eager to give the boys another outlet for their boundless energy! They couldn't wait to go to school this morning. In fact, they asked me, "Can we walk to school by ourselves?" 

Oh my. (My heart screamed, "Noooooo! I'm not ready for THAT!")

I knew I wouldn't cry on Kindergarten morning. We did a full day pre-K program last year and experienced the big transition that comes with full time school then. 

However, I was a little more emotional than I thought I would be when dropped them off in their classrooms. Right now, my heart is beating in Mrs. Clingenpeel's class and Mrs. Smith's class at Perrymont Elementary school. 

But despite my emotions, I am so excited for this year!
I am looking forward to... 
Seeing the world unfold before them as they learn to read (I cannot expressed how ecstatic I am about this!)
Seeing them develop math skills
Watching them make new friends and develop relationships
Seeing how their teachers inspire them to grow in ways that I would never think of

And, if I can be so honest, I am also looking forward to missing them. We spent LOTS of time together this summer.  (lots and lots and lots) A little space is going to be healthy for us. I think it will help me appreciate them more, love them more. 

There is one more thing I am excited about: 

Picking them up every afternoon, hearing them squeal "MOMMY!" feeling those skinny little arms around my waist, kissing the tops of their tousled heads, and telling my boys, 

"I missed you! Now, tell me what you learned today?"

Thursday, August 15, 2013

"I was actually a good mom yesterday": Mom confessions.

When I woke up this morning after the 15 minutes of sleep I got last night (documented only because I had a terrifying dream about a prehistoric crocodile trying to break into my basement), I stumbled into my kitchen in search of coffee.

As I pushed the "HEAT" button on my kurieg, I looked around at the damage in my kitchen. The dishes were overflowing from the sink. The dishwasher was half unloaded. We had no clean spoons. Or forks. Or wooden spoons to make scrambled eggs.

The dining area wasn't much better. There was dried rice all over the table and floor. The high chair tray was sticky and crusty from last night's dinner.

"Mommy, I don't have any clean shorts!" called one of my twins from their bedroom.

The baby crawled into the kitchen. As I picked him up, I automatically brushed crumbs off his legs from the floors I just can't sweep enough. I noticed the red clay stains on his shins and mentally add "Mop floors" to my to-do list.

Also, "Bathe baby."

Also, "Must shower," since it's been two days.

I gulped my coffee and wondered, "What did I do yesterday?!"

It takes a few more gulps of coffee to remember what happened less than 24 hours ago.

My morning started with getting ready for a meeting at school. "Getting ready" meant that I had to wear nice, clean "grown up" clothes, do my hair and make up, feed and dress the kids, greet the sitter, and leave by 8:30am.

I got back around 10:30 and visited with my sitter/friend while the kids played. I noticed the babe had a fever and a tooth pushing through his tiny gums.

So we spent some quality time nursing. And nursing. And nursing.

My older boys were bouncing off the walls so after lunch, we went to the park. The boys ran. I nursed and snuggled the babe.

Back at home, all the kiddos went to bed and I crashed on the couch. I probably should have done the dishes but I watched an episode of "Alias" on netflix and then feel asleep.

The little guy woke up early from his nap and we nursed some more. I could tell that he felt miserable. I didn't feel much better. I was so tired that my brain felt like it was on a tilt-a-whirl.

I then made dinner while my 9 month sweetie cried at my ankles.

More nursing and snuggles after dinner for the baby while my husband and one of my twins went to softball. My other 5 year old decided to "stay with mommy! So we can watch movies and snuggle!"

I left the rice covered table and piled the dishes higher in the sink. I did put the food away (10 points for me!).

After I finally got the baby to sleep, we sat on the couch and watched "Bee Movie." Then we read a few books at his request and my wild-never-stop-crazy son told me, "I really like to read."

Then I sang him a song and he went to bed. I breathed a sigh of contentment: both kids in bed, asleep.

Ten minutes later, Aaron got home from softball.
Benji got out of bed again.
Micah energetically told me all about softball.
The baby woke up and wanted to nurse--again.

Around 9:40, everyone was in bed--again.

My house is a mess today and I am surviving on too-little sleep--again--but I realized something: I had a good day yesterday. I was actually a good mom. We had a good day. I spent quality time with my kids and met their needs.

And now, I need to spend some quality time cleaning.

....while my kids watch their 4th hour of TV this morning.

Hey, you can't be a "good mom" every day, right? :)

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