BAM Family

BAM Family

Monday, August 27, 2012

Meng Menu

Monday: Spaghetti w/ sausage, salad
Tuesday: Dinner at Open house at school
Wednesday: Pizza roll, salad
Thursday: Salmon, parmesan rice, green beans
Friday: out to eat with in-laws
Saturday: Parmesan chicken, mashed potatoes, corn
Sunday: Sandwiches, chips, jello salad

I stayed pretty much on budget this week at $128. That final tally included printer paper, batteries, and 2 notebooks for Aaron so I was pretty pleased with only going over $3. Plus, really, with two dinners "out" this week, I SHOULD be close to budget. But because my in-laws are coming into town on Thursday, I wanted to do some "special" meals, like salmon (which we don't do that often)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First week of School = So what do I DO all day long?

The boys started 4-K on Monday. It is a program at our neighborhood elementary school and is ALL. DAY. LONG. 8:40-3:30 to be exact. 
Here they are on their first day of school.
Seems like they inherited their Dad's photogenic image....
Benji the Speediest! 
(as he has been introducing himself lately)
(Awkward) picture of Mighty Micah

It has been really weird to have them gone all day. My days seem really long without our "normal" schedule. 

On one hand, I have so much free time! 
Clean the house uninterrupted? yes!
Go to work at Liberty? Check!
Eat lunch with Aaron? Yes, please!
Go to Starbucks with a girlfriend for two hours? Yes, yes, yes! 

On the other hand, I miss my little guys. I have had emotionally down moments every day realizing that our routine and schedule of the last almost-five years is over. 
Playing at Kids Cove? 
Story time at the Library?
Visiting the park?
Playdates with friends? 

All of these things can still happen, of course, but not on the weekly basis that was our normal routine. 
Plus, I know I am missing out on all the funny things they say and do each day. 
And all the hugs, kisses, and "I love you, mommy's" 
Sniff, sniff.
So, this is a big transition for our family. 

But really, my kid-free life is only going to last about 2 more months. 
Then I'll be juggling a newborn and twins with a school schedule. 
So I'm going to enjoy it while I can--hopefully my emotions will cooperate and enjoy it with me. 
This is actually what I have been doing for 3 days straight: 
Cutting out FORTY diapers that I will be selling at Kidz Kraze in about 3.5 weeks. Whew! This was a lot of work. Now I just have to sew them all. 

I think I will keep plenty busy. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Meng Menu + MEGA school supply savings!!!

I was on a literal shopping high after going to Kroger today. I knew Kroger had some sales on a few items that were on the boys' school supply lists (ziplock bags and kleenex) so I was planning on buying a few things.

Well, I bought EVERYTHING on their lists today (except their nap mat and backpack) and my total for groceries AND school supplies was ONLY....



Here is what I bought in total for the boys:
(I got several items REALLY discounted due to Kroger's Mega Sales event this week--buy 10 items, get an extra 50c off per item--so I got Kleenex lotion tissues for 99c each and the ziplock bags for 99c each)

4 boxes of Crayola crayons (24 in a box)
2 box of Crayola washable markers (8 in a box - large size)
2 bottles of Elmer's Regular Glue (not school glue)
4 glue sticks
6 boxes of tissues
4 containers of baby wipes
4 boxes of Ziploc bags (2 gallon and 2 quart size)

My total for school supplies BEFORE Kroger savings was $53 (and change)

AFTER savings total: $24.88

So, in total today, I saved $52.97 with Kroger card savings and coupons. YES!!!!!

Then I filled up with gas for $3.17 a gallon with 20c off per gallon with my Kroger card. (Wow....I sound like a spokesperson for Kroger. Really though, if you are a loyal customer, you can get some good deals).

Anyways, I am really happy. :D

Here is our menu for the week

Sunday: Sloppy joes, oven fries, veggies and dip
Monday: Pork chops, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans
Tuesday: Stirfry w/ pork and chicken, rice
Wednesday: Potluck (jello salad)
Thursday: Cheeseburger soup, bread
Friday: Pizza roll, salad
Saturday: Party at Bell’s (jello salad)

We have a potluck and a party this week so I am making my ol' stand-by: Jello Salad. It is super simple, cheap (shhh! Don't tell anyone!) and a crowd pleaser. Here is the "recipe":

Jello Salad

2 small boxes of jello (I like to use complimentary flavors like strawberry/peach)
3 cans favorite fruit in 100% fruit juice
Fresh or frozen fruit

Make it:
Mix jello in 2 cups hot water until dissolved. Drain fruit juice from canned fruit in measuring cup to make 2 cups. Add to jello and pour into a 9x13 dish (I use my pyrex dish that has a lid and carrier--perfect for a party!) 

Slice fruit into bite size pieces (I use pears, peaches, and fruit cocktail usually). Add fresh or frozen fruit if desired (I got strawberries and grapes this week. Frozen blueberries are great too!). DO NOT add pineapple because the jello will not gel. Sad....

Stir fruit to mix (dish should be very full). Let salad gel in fridge for 6 hours or overnight. 

Take to your party! I almost NEVER have any leftover. 
Serves 8-10

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

30 week pictures: Growing, growing, growing!

I am 30 weeks pregnant. Here is the bellah...
(a great photo taken by my 4 year old, Micah. However, I have cropped my face because his vantage point did not do wonderful things for my face....)
I've been able to wear this shirt I made (refashioned from a Men's T-shirt) throughout my pregnancy (though I may not make it 10 more weeks in this shirt!)
 14 weeks 
 20 weeks
 30 weeks

Grow baby grow!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Police Officer and PJs OR Why you should get dressed before 9:30am

This is the story of intense embarrassment and children who tell lies.

It was a typical morning.

And by typical I mean, I was lounging in my tiny nightie at 9:30 am.

I had just made a nice cup of French Vanilla coffee and was taking a sweet sip when I happened to look out the window.

I saw a police car.

I saw a police officer...

...walking up to my front door.

"Oh crap!!!"

I ran my 8 month pregnant self to my bedroom and grabbed the only robe that currently covers my body.

"DON'T ANSWER THE DOOR YET, BOYS!" I yell from the bedroom.

The next thing I hear is the door opening and two perky 4 year old voices saying, "HI!"

Oh crap. Why won't this robe go on????

"Is your mommy or daddy here?" I hear the police officer ask.

"No!" Both boys say in unison. "Daddy's at work."

No mention of mommy who is struggling to put the wrong arm in the wrong sleeve of the robe.

"Hmm....Your mommy and Daddy aren't home?" (Probably thinking: I may need to call Social Services.)

Me: (mentally screaming!) Go to your home, stupid robe sleeve! 

Finally the arms get in the right holes. QUICK! wrap robe over ginormous belly and make sure d√©colletage is covered. Realize that robe no longer comes to my knees....

"YES! YES! I am here!" I run to the door.

I realize that my children are grinning at the police officer in all their whitey-tighty glory.

I also remember that I haven't showered in two days.

Thankfully the officer seems unfazed and hands me a subpoena for my husband, Aaron (who witnessed a domestic violence episode a few months ago and gave a police report about it).

Four minutes later the police officer leaves.

However, it takes several hours for my intense mortification to go away.

The moral of this story is:

Teach your children to NOT ANSWER THE DOOR without a parent.

And....get dressed before 9:30am.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Meng Menu

Sunday: Chicken Parmesan, pasta w/ marinara, homemade garlic bread
Monday: Hot dogs, carrot sticks, chips
Tuesday: Fried pork chops, mashed potatoes and gravy, kale
Wednesday: Shepherd’s pie
Thursday: Pizza bread roll up, salad
Friday: Fajitas
Saturday: Leftover Shepherd’s pie 

Low budget week this week.  I feel like our bank account is still trying to recover from the 5 day power outage at the beginning of July. I did really well with staying under budget this week: total = $97. YEA! 

It is supposed to be a little cooler this week (mid 80s though with VA may not feel any cooler) so I am breaking out a "cooler" weather fav: Shepherd's pie. Click on the link to see my yummy recipe. It serves 8 hungry people so we are going to have it twice this week. 

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