BAM Family

BAM Family

Monday, June 28, 2010

What I do while the boys nap (besides sew and waste ridiculous amounts of time on the internet)

So, this summer I have done lots of sewing projects, as my blog and pictures have shown. I also spend LOTS of time taking care of my two year old boys. What other time is there to do anything else, you ask? Well, much of my time has been spent working on my Master's thesis. There has been no break from school for me this summer, though I have spent a lot less time doing school work than I should.

Most afternoons and many evenings I am working on gathering research, reading, typing notes, and now, writing my thesis. It is not going as fast as I would have liked or planned, unfortunately. By this time in the summer, I wanted to have 2 chapters written (a chapter being 20ish pages.) BUT, I have 6 pages written at this time. Phoo, phoo. (not to be mistaken for poo, poo--which I write far to much about.)

So, lately, instead of sewing (which this morning I did a lot of, though it wasn't very exciting. I hemmed two bridesmaid dresses for my BFF Candace and her sister, and shortened a pair of pants to a pair of shorts for myself), I have been working on my thesis. I wrote 3.5 pages this afternoon and hope to get as many done this evening after B and M are in bed.

Thank GOD my boys take long naps still--usually 3 hours in the afternoon. I don't know what I would do if they didn't nap so well. Probably really start freaking out about my thesis. Right now, the freak out is at a dull roar.

Hopefully, I will catch the writing bug, or the writing muse will slap me on the rear will her magic want, and I will finally get my butt in gear and WRITE WRITE WRITE. Otherwise, I will really be freaking out when December comes. And the thesis is due.

If I don't, there won't be any more fun sewing projects.

Now that is a real motivator.

PS. My camera decided to break up with my computer and won't download pictures right now. Sad day. I am trying to get them to reconcile. Stay tuned for more updates on this drama.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Poop Story

Hey everyone. Don't tell Mommy, but we hijacked her computer while she is in the shower and decided to tell everybody what we did yesterday. Ok Benji, you go first.

No, you go.



Ok, I guess we will have to do this together. We are twins, after all.

The Poop Story by Micah and Benji Meng
A Short (and not so sweet) play in One Act

Setting: Naptime. MICAH and BENJI are supposed to be sleeping. MOMMY put them to bed at 12:30 but it is now 2:15.
MICAH and BENJI are in their cribs
MOMMY is in the livingroom working on her thesis

Micah: Wow! It is so much fun to stay awake instead of sleep!
Benji: You're telling me! This is awesome!
Micah: Ooooh. I have gas.
Benji: Yucky! You stink!
Micah: HA! So do you!
Benji: Actually, I just pooped. No gas for me!
Micah: You pooped? Me too!
Benji: Cool!
Micah: Mommy is always telling us we should go on the potty.
Benji: Eh! The potty is overrated. I think a diaper works just fine.
Micah: Yeah. But it feels kinda icky.
Benji: You're right. We should take 'em off.
Micah: Our diapers??
Benji: YEAH! You go first!
Micah: Ok but we have to take off our shorts first.
Benji: Ok! Let's do it!
[they take off their shorts]
Micah: Ew. Yucky. Now it really stinks.
Benji: Look! I took off my diaper!
Micah: WOW! That is cool! Let me try!
[Micah takes off his diaper]
Micah: Look at us! We are NAKED! Let's jump around!
Benji: Weee! Look I plopped down on my pillow!
Micah: HAHA! That is so funny! But now your pillow is gross.
Benji: Not as gross as your face, poop head! HAHAHHAH!
Micah: Don't call me a poophead, POOPHEAD! WAHHHH!!!
Benji: You stink! WAHHHH!!!
[much crying insues]
MOMMY enters the boys room.
MOMMY smells something bad.
MOMMY sees that MICAH and BENJI have no pants or diapers on.
MOMMY is frozen in shock.
Benji: Oh gracious! Oh gracious! Oh gracious! (Author note: This is a direct quote)
Mommy: What happen?
Micah: Ew.
Benji: Poops!
Micah: Potty!
Mommy: Oh. My. Word.
MOMMY thinks: this was not the way this afternoon was supposed to go.

The scene closes as MOMMY regains the use of her legs and mental faculties, runs a bath, plops both boys into the water, strips blankets off the beds and throws them into the wash, and gives two happy, stinky boys a bath.

The End.

MOMMY put us back to bed at 3:15. We are MAD and scream a lot. But we fall asleep until 5:30.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Headband anyone?

I made a cute and quick headband today out of some white eyelet (that I wanted to be a skirt but it was just not happening). The project took me about 30 minutes and it is really cute! I always want to wear headbands but the plastic ones usually give me a headache. This one is all cloth with a bit of elastic underneath to hold it in place. Leave me a comment if you want the link to the patten for this project. :) Enjoy the pics! 

Completely unnecessary goofy picture of me

(Another) 90 minute shirt

Here is another 90 minute shirt I made for the boys. I LOVE IT! I made it out of one of Aaron's old t-shirt (yellow) and Poppie's shirts (blue). It is too cute. And I managed to snap a picture of Benji wearing it too! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


This is a total "mom" post. Potty language and humor ahead: Beware.

After dinner is Micah's "pooping time." He usually starts making "the face" around the end of dinner. Tonight, he got really quiet and I said, "Potty?!" He said "POOP!" So off we went.

His shirt was super sticky from the caramel that I gave with apples for snack so I took it off along with his diaper and plopped that naked kiddo on the pot.

After removing the roll of toilet paper (experience has told me that this is a WISE move and Micah will actually hand me the roll if I don't take it off), I left the bathroom. Micah likes to do his business in private.

The minutes tick by. We holler at Micah a few times to ask if he is done. He says NOoooo!

A few more minutes of pleasant chatting with my husband and best friend at the dinner table. AND into the dining room runs a very smily naked boy.

Micah: I did it!
Me: (surprised. He usually needs help getting off the toilet) You pooped?
Micah: I did it! (Runs back into the bathroom)

I follow, a little afraid of what I will see. There is no poop. There is a lot of water on the potty seat. I think, maybe he peed?

Aaron then comes in to check out what happened. I wipe down the potty seat. Aaron then finds my tooth brush on the floor. It is wet.

Oh. No.

I can only assume....Micah got my tooth brush off the counter, hopped off the potty, and brushed his teeth....I can't go on.

You know what they say about assuming. However, just to be safe, I threw the toothbrush away.

Monday, June 14, 2010

...has boobs?

This was an actual conversation we had at dinner tonight. ::shakes head and laughs and shakes head again::

Setting: Family dinner, spaghetti. BENJI is engaged in a rousing retelling of "Mulan" with AARON. MICAH decides to join in the discussion.

Micah: Mulan...? Wears a dress?
Me: Yes, Mulan does wear a dress sometimes. She is a girl.
Micah: Mulan...has boobs?
Me: (shocked and then laughing hysterically) ....yes...!
Micah: Like Mommy?
Me: (laughing too hard to answer. Tears are now coming)
Aaron: Yes, like Mommy.
Micah: What's wrong, Mommy? (wipes spaghetti sauce on my arm)
Me: (wiping tears) Nothing, honey. Mommy is just laughing.

This is not an isolated incident. Micah, my 2.5 year old, really likes boobs and notices them on cartoon characters quite often. Go figure. The other day we were watching "Tarzan" and Micah talked at length about "Jane", "Jane's boobs" and "Mommy's boobs." (And all of these characters are very modestly dressed throughout 95% of their movies). He actually quite often calls them "boo-boos." THAT is just a Freudian slip waiting to happen. (We did not teach him to call breasts "boo-boos." That was his own linguistic creation). He also says that he has "boo-boos" and puts his hands on his chest.

::shakes head:: I wish I could say this is a phase (I'm sure using "boo-boo's to describe the female anatomy is) but I am afraid that the male obsession with the curvy female figure has just started early in the Meng household.

(Benji is oblivious to "boo-boos," however. I asked him as I was typing this, if he had "boo-boo's" He pointed to a healing scab on his knee....)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Swimsuit cover up

I made a swimsuit cover up after seeing an adorable example on Made. In fact, (sheepish smile) I used the same towel that Dana does. Target had a great sale going on....I guess we hit the store in the same week. :)

I made the cover up in about an hour and a half last Tuesday so I could wear it to a swimming play group on Wednesday morning. I think I need to shorten the straps a bit, but otherwise, it worked great! I love it!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The "Big" Bib: Tutorial

Welcome to my first ever tutorial! (Please have patience and mercy as I have never done this before...) I have been meaning to make some new bibs for the boys for a while now. The little bibs I got for my baby showers just weren't cutting it anymore. They are like highwater bibs--they come to the middle of the boys' chests!

I have looked at Target and Walmart for bigger bibs but they were $4-5 for ONE and since I have twins, and would need at LEAST two bibs for each messy kiddo...OUCH! That would be shelling out almost $20! So, here is a cheap and easy way to make new, adorable bibs for your "big" kids.

I used materials that most moms would have around the house so this project should cost you little to nothing. Enjoy and happy sewing your own "BIG" bibs!


Old towel (mine were my hubby's old college towels...I think)
Receiving blankets
Construction paper (or scrap paper)
"Little" bib (for pattern)
Sewing machine
30-45 minutes

First, trace a pattern from your "little" bib on your construction paper. The neck of these bibs still fits my boys pretty well so I left that the same on the pattern.

Cut out your pattern.

Fold it in half and then trace a new pattern on a new sheet of paper. This will ensure that your bib will be symmetrical. I added a bit to the neck as well.

Cut our your new (final pattern). Have your kids throw away the scraps of paper. :) You will cut your material on the fold.

Fold your blanket and place your pattern on the fold. Pin in place and cut one.

Repeat on the towel. (If there is a ribbing or decorative band on the towel, cut that off first so it doesn't get in the way of your pattern)

You will have two pieces: Flannel (front) and towel (back)

Iron your flannel (if it has been sitting in a drawer for two years like mine has)

Pin your pieces, right sides together

Mark a small opening for turning the bib after you sew

Sew around your bib with a 1/4 in seam allowance (against the presser foot)

After sewing, trim excess fabric from the neck straps (and anywhere else where it seems thick)

Cut small slits around the curved parts of the bib (neck and bottom). Be sure not to cut through the thread!) Clipping the curves will give a smoother finish when you turn your bib.

Clip the bottom too.

Turn that baby inside out! Use a pencil or your scissors to help with the straps.

Smooth out all the seams.

Tuck in the loose fabric along the opening and pin shut.

Top stitch around the whole bib, closing up the opening as you go. Use your presser foot as a guide. Go slowly as the fabric will be really thick.

Topstiched goodness!

Cut a small square of velcro and separate.

Sew one square to the flannel side of your bib. (If it is the sticky side, be careful as your thread can get caught in the stickies if you go too fast)

Sew the other square on the towel side

All done! You did it!

Compare: The "Big" Bib to the little one. Your toddler should stay a lot cleaner after this....should. HA! (My children would not model for the bib but it fits well and reaches down to their waist)

Thanks for following my tutorial! Leave me a comment if you make one!

Linked to  

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Greek Goddess Dress

Are you ready? I made another dress to feed my growing addiction. Or fill my closet, either one. :) I found a tutorial online that I wanted to try called "Most Flattering Shirt Dress." And it was flattering--on the model who sewed it online. Super cute on her. On me? not so much. It looked like a frump bag. I was very disappointed/grumpy.

So I threw it on the ironing board for the night and the next day, since I didn't want to waste the super pretty/soft/inexpensive (I got the material for 6.50 on the clearance rack at Joann's!) material, I decided to cut it up and try to revamp the dress. I ended up cutting off the neck, sleeves, and ripping out the side seems down to the elastic. Then I gathered up the neck and sewed a casing around it. The bodice ended up looking very Greek--you know, a bit clingy/drape-y around the bust. Pretty! The shrring at the waist keeps the dress super comfy and I don't need to add another zipper (thank GOD!) So, all in all, the dress turned out great. I am glad I didn't give up after the first (awful) attempt. I love it and am going to wear it too playgroup pool party tomorrow. Enjoy the pics!

Mail Organizer

Here is another project I made a week-ish ago. It is fun and practical--a mail organizer! I don't know about you, but the mail PILES up on my kitchen counter tops....and stays there. UG! It is horrible and embarrassing. So, here is my attempt at a solution--and I got to MAKE something too. Win, win!

I followed the tutorial on If you would like to make one, click here I didn't have any stiff interfacing so mine looks a little floppy compared to hers. Sad. But it still works.

Aaron hung it for me last night and my counter tops are looking better already! Enjoy the pics!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Frock By Friday

If you want a great picture tutorial for the Coffee Date Dress, check out this website! Personally, I NEED pictures when I sew. Enjoy!

A Frock By Friday

Coffee Date Dress

I made a new dress! Seriously, I have an addiction. I really love sewing right now and I really love clothes SO...the more dresses the merrier!

I found this FREE pattern online! Yes, FREE! You can't beat that! It is called the Coffee Date Dress. I printed off the pattern, taped all the pieces together and then cut out the pattern.

I actually revamped a botched twofer dress that was just NOT coming together. I made the top out of a men's button down short sleeve shirt. Then I altered the skirt pattern to work with the one I had already made. The whole dress came together really quickly. I made it over 2 days and wore it to church on Sunday.

The hardest part was installing the invisible zipper. GAH! I kept messing up. It really wasn't THAT hard to instal if I hadn't have sewn it in backwards, then once with the dress twisted (don't ask me how I accomplished THAT one), sewn over the zipper teeth, and who knows what else. I spent a lot of "quality" time with my ripper and reminding myself that I don't use foul language--and that this WAS the first zipper I installed. I'm sure the next one will take 15 minutes--instead of 2.5 hours.

If you want the pattern, click here Just scroll down a bit. This pattern is courtesy of The Selfish Seamstress.

If you want a good tutorial on how to install an invisible zipper, click here

Enjoy the pics!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

90 Minute Shirt

A week or so ago, I made this little shirt for the boys. I found this awesome tutorial for the "90 minute shirt" here (BTW, I currently love the "MADE" blog. I stalk it daily. :)

Anyways, here are some pics of how the shirt turned out. I love it and it really was easy (after a bit of trail and error and some quality time with my stitch picker). The shirt is special too because I made it out of one of Poppie's old shirts.

Enjoy! And make your own 90 minute shirts! I plan on doing some more soon. Aaron willingly donated some of his old t-shirts for the project.

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