BAM Family

BAM Family

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good Spring Break

I am on my last day of Spring Break 2010. It has been a good week. I am sad to see it leave. The weather has been wonderful so we have been able to play outside with the boys every day.

I was able to do some sewing! YEA! Check out the cute pics of the little birds I made. The project is not complete. They will be a mobile...someday. Probably not until after school is out for the summer. But I had a great time being creative and sewing them.

The boys call them "chickens"

We took Goldie for a walk almost every day this week. The boys actually walked on the walk! WOW! I have to offer them lots of encouragement and remind them to "keep walking" but they have done really well! We only walk about 4 blocks round trip but I think that is pretty good for a two year old! I think are stroller days are over--which I am sad and glad about.

I also planted some flowers this week! I have this overwhelming desire to plant things now that it is spring, even though my better judgement (and personal history) reminds me that I am not a good plant mother. Well, I can change! I am determined to water my plants, give them sunshine, and not kill them this year! Stay tuned for updates on this daring resolve. Enjoy the pics. The flowers are still alive. :) And I feel very Spring-y. :)

This is what your porch looks like when you plant flowers with two-year-olds....and a grown woman who doesn't have a green thumb....
My flower set up. I feel like I should be in Better Homes and Gardens...ok maybe not. I got a little excited about watering...if you couldn't tell. Too bad you can't see them better. They are really pretty! I promise!
Love the pink!
I wish you could see the colors better. They are really pretty.

I also had to do a lot of grading this week and homework. Bleck. But I got all the grading done and um...SOME of the homework. :) I jump right back into school this week. I have a presentation on Tuesday and I need to work hard core on my thesis proposal. That is the other thing I really work on this week: thesis. I have been avoiding it in my mind because my mind was way too full of other things, which is not usually my style or way I approach deadlines or projects. But the thought of the thesis was too overwhelming. Well, there was no avoiding it any more. I HAD to work on it...considering my proposal is due April 1st, which is um....a week and a half away. AHH! I am trying not to freak out--too much. I got some good reading and thinking in this week and I think/hope/pray I am going in a good direction. The proposal is only 10-15 pages so that shouldn't be too hard to write. Heh...shouldn't.

So, spring break it was a nice week. And I have made it half-way through my first semester of teaching, going to grad school, wife-ing, and mothering. It was a well earned break.

Did it hurt?

This story is a little off-color--BUT super know you want to keep reading.

We were eating dinner the other night and the boys were pretending to be dragons, complete with loud roaring!

Aaron, not wanting to be left out of the fun, decided to join in on the dragon game. In typical man-fashion, he burped loudly and said, "The dragon is coming out of Daddy's mouth!"

The boys thought this was hilarious. Mommy pretended that she didn't hear (and tried not to laugh).

Aaron then (here I am shaking my head, and questioning my choice of mate) *ahem* passes gas loudly at the table (which is always very funny for any male audience).

Aaron: Oh no. The dragon is coming out of Daddy's butt. (I am horrified at this point)
Benji: (not missing a beat) Did it hurt?

We about died laughing. I think the mantra after some passes gas now, after the polite "Excuse me!" of course, will be to ask, "Did it hurt?"

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Throw it in the "basket" (?)

I have been trying to teach the boys about chores and responsibility lately with having them take their dishes to the sink, etc. One chore I have been trying to work on is having them put their dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

Today, I changed the boys out of their jammies in the living room and told them to "go throw them in the basket!" Benji promptly grabbed his pj's and ran out of the room. Micah was a little more reluctant. I coaxed him and we trotted off to the bedroom where I thought I would see Benji. He was not there.

Me: Benji?
Noise: CLUNK! (sounds like the toilet lid!!!)
Me: (dashing out into the hallway) Benji! Did you throw your jammies in the toilet??
Benji: (very proud) YEAH!

I ran to the bathroom and lifted the toilet lid--and there were Benji's jammies. I guess I need to be more specific about which "basket" I ask the boys to throw their clothes in (though we have never called the toilet a "basket" before...go figure!) Hilarious!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


(Sorry I haven't blogged in so long. It is Spring Break this week. Enough said)

Here are some adorable things the boys say these days:

Benji: "Reckle! Reckle!" (he wants to wrestle)
"Oh goo-less!" (oh goodness!) Apparently, I say this a lot...
"Oh Tallah!" (Thomas the Train. He actually doesn't say this anymore but it was so cute and funny when he did!)
"TB" (TV)
"Bap" (Bath)

"Snugs" (Snuggle + hug) We say this often in our house now
"Tiss!" (Kiss!)

Why is it when you want to write down the cute things they say, you can never think of them? Hopefully I can add to this list later...

Here are a few more I thought of that are funny, but a little naughty...

We watch a movie that has a crab it in and the boys get really excited and say, "Crap! Crap!"

We also have a Veggie Tales DVD about Esther. Benji calls it "Baster" get the picture.

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